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At OZ Catering we offer Catering Services for a variety of events:
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Here are some of the items we offer for you!

Sit Down Dinner

    • Saffron prawns
    • Offered with lime aioli

    • Chilled avocado mint Soup
    • Drizzled with mint infused extra virgin olive oil

    • Madjul dates
    • Stuffed with lemon, Feta and walnuts

  • 1st course
    • Three layer vegetable terrine
    • Light whole grain Dijon mustard cream sauce

  • Salad
    • Baby arugula salad
    • Topped with tri color beet Carpaccio, drizzled with white truffle oil, and sprinkled w/ toasted pistachio nuts

    • Wholesome dinner rolls & butter

  • EntrĂ©e
    • Wild salmon topped with crispy pesto in carrot sauce
    • Served on a bed of lemon chive risotto and roasted asparagus

    • Hangar steak in Mustard and fresh herb rub
    • Served on Basil mashed potatoes & maple glazed carrots

    • Dessert
    • Chocolate Tartuffe in vanilla & mint sauce

Gluten Free Buffet Menu

    • Chicken kofta kebab
    • Offered with yogurt mint yogurt sauce

    • Flank steak in red wine, fresh herbs & mustard marinade
    • Chimichuri sauce

    • Salmon fillet
    • Mustard dill glaze

    • Quinoa with sun dried tomatoes
    • Spinach Thyme pesto, preserved lemons & pine nuts

    • Stuffed Red bell peppers
    • Millet, currents& aromatic vegetables

    • Seasonal Roasted vegetables
    • Drizzled w/balsamic reduction

    • Romaine salad
    • Radish, ruby grapefruit & toasted almonds, in tangy citrus vinaigrette


    • Frangelico truffles rolled in cacao nibs

    • Toasted coconut & orange blossom cake

    • Fresh fruits mini skewers